A new ProSilva S3 for Matias and Mauri Verhola from Pohja near Raaseborg


Matias and Mauri Verhola from Pohja near Raseborg acquired a new ProSilva S3 harvester.

In the picture, operating and maintenance training is provided by ProSilva’s Kalle Perttula on the left and Waratah’s Mika Laakso on the right, with Matias Verhola in the middle.

This new ProSilva S3 is not a new introduction to the brand for Matias and Mauri. They have previously had two ProSilva 810 harvesters. The Verhola brothers have one machine contracted to L&T Biowatti Oy for work in Raseborg and its surrounding municipalities.

The brothers chose a Waratah H212 harvester head for the ProSilva S3 harvester fitted with grapples. “Only the log is separated from the stand, the rest is made into biomass,” says Matias.