A new ProSilva S3 for Reijo Anttila in Seinäjoki


From peat production to forestry.

Reijo Anttila started as a peat contractor in 1992. He began forest harvesting in 2003 to support himself during the winter months. Reijo’s first harvester was a four wheeled Otso fitted with a harvester head that he used for thinning. This lasted 6 years during which the machines changed a few times. Once again, in 2009, Reijo focused exclusively on peat contracting throughout the year. In 2013 he was offered a contract with the Finnish Forest Management Association and acquired a Prosilva 910 special harvester fitted with tracks suitable for soft ground. Reijo started harvesting wood for biomass in 2018 using a Profi 500 harvester equipped with a Moipu 300 cutting head.

A new ProSilva S3 with two harvester heads

The Prosilva S3 is Reijo’s first new harvester and it even has two different type harvester heads.
“The aim is to make bioenergy mass in the summer season and logs and pulp wood in winter. If necessary the harvester head can be replaced in a couple of hours since the rotator has a quick coupling to mount either of the heads, ”says Reijo.

The Naarva EF 28 (a feeding energy wood head) measures length so it can combine the harvesting of pulpwood and biomass wood. With the Kesla 21 RH III, you can make logs, pulp and biomass wood.

All in all, Reijo and Raimo Anttila say that they are positively surprised by the performance of their new Prosilva S3 harvester.