A Superior all-rounder

ProSilva’s superiority as an all-round forest machine is based on its simple structure and ingenious wheel-specific transmission.

Thanks to its frame structure the machine’s centre of gravity is the lowest on the market, making it a stable and comfortable environment for the operator. The frame’s simplicity also means a lower risk of failure and the need for maintenance. All this makes ProSilva an extremely reliable option.

Our harvesters are the most environmentally friendly forest machines on the market. Thanks to their wheel and track solutions continuous thinning and felling is also possible in soft terrain, leaving almost no trace, no matter what the time of year.

Finnish quality available worldwide

All ProSilva product development and machine manufacturing takes place under strict quality control in Ruovesi, Finland.

Our machines are currently used by forest machine professionals in 11 other countries in addition to Finland and we are actively expanding our operations to new areas.

In the export market our specific strengths are simplicity of use, operational reliability and roller solutions that enable timber harvesting in wet and soft conditions as well as in mountainous terrain.

A part of a larger group

ProSilva is part of the Tampereen Konepajat Oy Group. The Group employs more than 200 mechanical engineering professionals at eight factories and has a turnover of approximately EUR 40 million.

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The smart choice for the sensible
forest machine contractor

We have defined the operational values that guide our product development, our machine manufacturing and the way we serve you in every encounter.

ProSilva machines are simple and therefore durable. The machines are proven to be the most economical on the market throughout their lifetime.

ProSilva's operations are agile and customer-centric. This is reflected in both practical customer service and machine product development. We want to exceed customer expectations in every encounter.

ProSilva questions traditional thinking patterns and regularly introduces new, sensible forest machine innovations developed according to real customer needs.

The unique technical features of ProSilva's forest machines make them the most environmentally friendly option on the market for thinning and continuous-cover silviculture.