Our story

ProSilva Oyj was founded in an Inland Finland town called Ruovesi in 1998. We manufacture forestry machines that meet the needs of forest owners, contractors, wood industry, and sustainable forest management. We value all parties, and it is important for us to manufacture reliable machines even for demanding conditions. ProSilva machines and skillful operators are tackling these challenges in numerous countries, on mountains and soft soils, all year round.

International from the beginning

The strength of ProSilva lies in a skillful and wide collaboration network formed with different actors in the field. It enables us to make the right machine for each circumstances. First machines were delivered to Estonia and Canada. Now we deliver machines to over half a dozen different countries, from Japan to Chile. The history of ProSilva goes back to the 1980s. The company L ja M Karilainen Ky manufactured machines for their own needs, which created demand for new machinery. Product development led to the selling of product rights to an other actor in the field in 1987. ProSilva Oyj was founded in 1998 and thus began the manufacturing of machines for sale. Mr. Lasse Karilainen, who was founding the company, has led ProSilva Oyj for 20 years. In 2018 the ownership was expanded to answer market demands.

Superior structure

The management of forests is changing. Mechanical operations are becoming more and more common also in thinning operations – in Finland it began in the 1980s. This sets a challenge for the product development and design. A small company cannot just follow the progress, it has to lead it.

ProSilva has developed a superior transmission for its machines. It enables different wheel choices and the use of tracks. Low center of gravity makes the machines stable and improve the operator’s working conditions. ProSilva also made a remote controlled machine already 10 years ago.

Almost without a trace

ProSilva’s machines combines small size with efficiency, versatility and reliability in all conditions. With the ProSilva forest machine, harvester or tracked machine, you can execute logging operations all year round, with hardly any damages to the forest or ground, almost without a trace. ProSilva has everything you need, and only what you need.

Individual service

Our most important values are a trustworthy collaboration with our clients and partners, individual service, and acknowledging our customers’ needs. A ProSilva is reliable, easy to maintain, and overall the most affordable machine on the market. Spare parts and services are professionally managed by our competent staff.

”ProSilva machines combine small size with efficiency, versatility and reliability in all conditions.”