Customer stories

Pertti Kuoppamäki, Harvestline Oy:

“We can perform logging operations even during bad winters”

“We use the ProSilva F2 forwarder and the ProSilva fully tracked harvester. Both machines are built for working on soft soil, where we do most of our logging operations. The advantage of these machines is that we can offer our customers different type of equipment. These machines leave barely any traces on the ground, which has led to positive feedback from the forest owners. There are hardly any traces left in the forest.

It is easier to go and perform logging operations when we know that the machines we use work during winter as well. These machines perform well even during worse winters. This spring, ProSilva machines were the only ones that performed logging operations continuously, without days off. Other machines had to be brought to a halt.

“ProSilva machines combine small size with efficiency, versatility and reliability in all conditions.”

A test convinced us to choose ProSilva

We tested the first tracked ProSilva harvester about five years ago for three weeks, and after the test we bought the machine. We do our purchases this way so we don’t have to regret them later. We realised quickly that this machine really works on soft soil. We had also heard positive feedback from our colleagues of the reliability of the ProSilva machines. For the last year and a half, we have operated the newest version of the tracked ProSilva machines. With the tracks, we can go over very soft soil without sinking.

Before ProSilva machines, we had do quite a few repairs on the tracks and eventually I had had enough. After we went for the ProSilva machines, we haven’t needed any repairs. These machines are as reliable as it gets. Our machines operate at an area that is only about one-hour-drive away from the ProSilva factory. Whenever we need help with anything, they are always there for us. Their customer service is excellent! When you call them, you can actually talk to the person who put your machine together, so they really know your machine. I don’t see any reason why we would’t choose ProSilva in the future as well.

Reliability reduces costs

The ProSilva machines are somewhat cheeper than the bigger machines from other manufacturers, and their reliability reduces costs as well. These machines have exactly what you need and only what you need to do the job properly.

Our customers can rely on us to deliver timber, because we can operate continuously. It is in the interest of the companies as well to get the sites logged in the winter, even though the buyers have to sometimes aquire scrubby wood lots. With the ProSilva machines, these lots can be harvested, without having to wait for years. During trimming operations in the winter, one can, at the same time, easily perform clearcut harvesting, which is preferred by the byers over trimming. With the ProSilva machinces, we have been able to harveste quite difficult sites, even during bad winters. In our experience this has not been possible with other machines. We hope these machines stay as reliable as they’ve been. It is great to find smaller companies who build their machines with different viewpoint than the bigger manufacturers.”

“ProSilva machines combine small size with efficiency, versatility and reliability in all conditions.”

Heimo Penttinen Tmi:

“A very agile harvester”

“We have now our fourth ProSilva machine. The current model is the ProSilva S4 from 2015. We renew our machinery when necessary, but we aim for 12 000 hours with this one. When you operate alone, you don’t put in that many hours in a year.

Our collaboration began 20 years ago and I’ve been there since the beginning. Machine number 8 was our first purchase - it was one of the white ones. We were attracted to the small size, because mechanical operations were becoming more and more common and as an agile 4-wheel machine it was the perfect choice for thinning operations in particular. Our criteria also included simplicity, because our previous machine was a nightmare. We wanted something different. The ProSilva machine had for example half as many wheels.”

“ProSilva machines combine small size with efficiency, versatility and reliability in all conditions.”

Well-liked by forest owners

The current ProSilva machines are bigger than in the past – but so are all other brands too. It still remains an attractive machine for forest owners. If I was to buy an 8-wheel machine, the forest owners might not be so eager to have me operating in their forests. However, the number of wheels is not the most important thing, as they come in many different sizes. What matters the most is that this machine is agile. With the ProSilva, you don’t necessarily have to stay on the marked path. You can control the machine, even without steering cylinders. You can brake with the wheels on the other side and simultaneously accelerate with the others, for example to drive off the rack. It does the job nice and neat, too.

Lightweight, stable and inexpensive to maintain

Less parts, less maintenance costs. And when the machine is smaller, it is also less heavy. Therefore, a smaller trailer with less axles is enough, which means less taxes – it’s like a chain, one thing leading to another. I first considered getting a 6-wheel machine, but then I would’ve had to get a new trailer and that had too big of an effect on profitability. Here the trees are not that big, so there was no real need for a bigger machine. If my logging operations were mainly clearcutting, then the machine could be bigger. I have only the harvester, but ProSilva has also tracked forwarders. These machines do the job, whatever the weather.

These new machines have rotating cabins. It would be difficult to give that up, because the rotating cabin improves visibility and posture of the neck and shoulders. You always see your working area through the big windshield. It would be quite unpleasant to drive a car in the long run, if you could only look out the side window. The ProSilva machines have also very stable frame, which makes operating more comfortable, because you are sitting up straight.

We get along with the ProSilva entrepreneur and they know what they’re doing. I can always call them, regardless the matter and time. They don’t have any service centers yet, but this is not a problem, because the ProSilva machine has been very reliable, so I haven’t needed that much help anyway.”