The ProSilva S3 is a perfect combination of light weight, unprecedented agility, excellent stability, supreme engine and hydraulic power. It is a true little giant that we have fine-tuned for thinning and bioenergy harvesting for maximum effectiveness, efficiency and a minimal footprint on the forest floor.

A combination of efficiency and effectiveness

Robust and safe, the S3 is an excellent choice for cost-conscious contractors. Maintenance costs are low and fuel efficiency is high thanks to the intelligent adaptive hydraulics management system. High efficiency is also achieved on logging sites where the average tree volume is small.

Fuel consumption is the only attribute we consider modest with the S3. The 6-cylinder engine provides enough torque reserve for even the most challenging harvesting conditions. Therefore productivity is equal to the larger harvesters.

The centre of gravity is the lowest on the market just like all ProSilva models. This provides a level of stability you won’t find on any other harvesters built on top of the mechanical drivelines. ProSilva’s unique drive system controls the speed and torque of every wheel fulfilling the promise of the smallest footprint on the forest floor. The ProSilva S3 is available with a 4×4 or 6×6 configuration depending on harvesting conditions and user preferences.

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“This is my machine”

“When I compared the harvesters on the market I paid special attention to how they fit the logging site types where I normally work. Since I mostly cut in soft areas the ProSilva S3 was my choice.”

Reijo Männikkö
RM Agrikone Oy

Keep it simple and robust

ProSilva’s “keep it simple and robust” design philosophy makes our forest machines the most cost-efficient tools on the market. Our winning characteristics are the wheel specific hydraulic hub drive, ingenious placement of components, ultra-small turning circle and the lowest centre of gravity on the market.

Tires 700-series: front 710/40-22.5, rear 710/55-34
Length 7230 mm
Width 2820 mm
Height 3400 mm
Ground clearance 570 mm
Weight 15700 kg
Specification 6-cylinder Cummins B6.7 EU stage V
Power 186 kW
Torque 1152 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Traction system
Traction system Hydrostatic
Tractive force 170 kN
Steering max angle +/- 47°
Specification Electric controlled, load sensing
Oil flow 448 l/min @ 1600 rpm
Crane options
Kesla 13-series 9,5 / 10,5 m
Logmer 10-series 10 m
Harvester head options
AFM, Kesla, Keto, Log Max, Moipu, Naarva, SP-Maskiner, Waratah