Since big is beautiful and often also practical, we decided to develop a harvester to also meet the needs of heavy logging. The ProSilva S6 is a true power-harvester which handles everything from thinning to regeneration.

The master of challenging terrain

The S6-harvester is unique due to its large 34” wheels that can be upgraded up to 42” on the rear axles to reduce ground pressure and improve operational stability in challenging terrain.

With wheel specific controlled hub drive and a 6-cylinder engine with twin pumps for sufficient oil flow, this is the ultimate rough terrain harvester. If you choose the S6+ model a 326 horsepower engine is at your service on demand.

The ProSilva S6 can be equipped with a super-strong 18-series HD-crane than can also carry the largest harvester heads of any wheel based harvester. The up-to-date comfortable operator cabin with rotation and longitudinal levelling, combined with pendulum arm balancing will make your day. An intelligent IQAN control system improves harvesting efficiency and fuel economy. Operator selectable adjustments makes the S6 a personalized tool for every logger.

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“I made the right choice”

”I feel, after 4500 hours of operation with ProSilva S6, that the choice was right. All the features I required were implemented and the expectations were well fulfilled. I have followed up with delight the ProSilva’s development after Tampereen Konepajat Oy came as the main owner of the company. Now there is a positive, active attitude. It is important for a contractor, that the supplier does well also, it ensures the continuity.”

Ari Hänninen
Metsätyö Hänninen Oy

Keep it simple and robust

ProSilva’s “keep it simple and robust” design philosophy makes our forest machines the most cost-efficient tools on the market. Our winning characteristics are the wheel specific hydraulic hub drive, ingenious placement of components, ultra-small turning circle and the lowest centre of gravity on the market.

Tires 700-series: front 750/55-26.5 or 710/55-34, rear 710/70-34
Length 7882 mm
Width 2980 or 3050 mm
Height 3310 or 3580 mm
Ground clearance 700 mm
Weight from 20200 kg
Specification Cummins B6.7 EU stage V
Power 187 kW or 240 kW (S6+)
Torque 1150 Nm @ 1500 rpm (1288 Nm S6+)
Traction system
Traction system Fully hydrostatic
Tractive force 260 kN
Steering max angle +/- 47°
Specification Electric controlled, load sensing dual pump system
Oil flow 448 l/min + 336 l/min @ 1600 rpm
Crane options
Kesla 18-series 9 / 10 / 11 m
Logmer 18-series 10 m
Harvester head options
AFM, Kesla, Keto, Log Max, Moipu, Naarva, SP-Maskiner, Waratah