For those who need a little more of everything

The ProSilva S5-harvester is your choice of forest machine when you need a little more of everything. We packaged all the best features of its little brother the ProSilva S3 and enlarged the main frame components to enable the use of larger cranes and harvester heads.

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The most economical and environmental friendly forest machine. A perfect choice for the continuous-cover silviculture.

For us “what if” always means a chance to create something new

There is a chance to make something new when someone dares to think differently. Our product development is driven by the courage to challenge the traditional approach. “What if” is always an exciting chance to build something new.

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Emphasis on service

Agility and customer focus is part of our DNA. This can be seen in our product development as well as in the way we serve and help the customer. We want nothing less than to exceed your expectations on every occasion.

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