Demanding conditions but harvesting runs well with a track mounted forwarder

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At Äijänneva, Virrat, one of the Harvestline Oy’s forest machines was in full action on a wet peatland, even though there were no signs of winter yet.

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At Äijänneva Virrat, one of the Harvestline Oy machines was at full operation on peat-based ground, even though there were no signs of a winter.

”Operating the machine is effortless when the most difficult spots are avoided”, says Antti Alatalo. Picture 1. Antti is 22 years old and has operated a forwarder for about a year. He has learned the tricks and gimmicks despite of he’s short experience with the business. Antti has learned the work machines already from the early years, as he has been operating agricultural machines on he’s brother’s farm.


It’s important to prepare the driving lines with tree branches when operating on non-frozen peatlands. For example here we see a ground with several loads driven to the stack pile, but no damage on the ground, says Antti. Picture 2.

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Ville-Markus Luhtala 23 years, (picture 3), has operated harvester for 2,5 years with Harvestline Oy. He is very satisfied with ProSilva S4 harvester due to it’s performance on soft peatlands. ”One can forward the logs over the drive path with a track mounted forwarder as long as the surface is not damaged beforehand with a harvester”, explains Ville-Markus, while making a greasing service before the next work shift. Picture 4.