The ProSilva S5 harvester was presented to the press and public at the Ruovesi plant


We introduced a new class of forestry machines in March 2020. A small, light and agile harvester that offers plenty of power, a stable working environment and a full-reach crane.

The Prosilva S3 harvester has proved popular with customers. In several discussions, the question raised was: “Could I have a slightly bigger harvester head?” We didn’t compromise and developed a big brother for the S3, the Prosilva S5. The design was based on the same approach and concept; a light, narrow, high-performance machine with a simple and easy-to-maintain design. The S5 offers all the benefits of the S3 but in a more robust package.

Agility, efficiency and operator comfort

The S5 harvester has all the excellent features and power of its little brother the S3 Its crane base is a reinforced HD model, which allows larger cranes and harvester heads to be used safely and conveniently.

As a six-wheeler this harvester is stable and easy to use. The wheel arrangement (34 ”rear and 26.5” front), is the harvester’s winning feature, giving it an excellent load-bearing capacity on soft surfaces. With its narrow design and low centre of gravity the S5 leaves as small a footprint as possible in the forest.

The S5 harvester is a pleasure to work in as the ergonomics, space and visibility of the cab are top notch. Operator comfort is further enhanced by automatic cab rotation as well as optional automatic stabilization.

Technical information

Length 7440 mm
Width 2840 mm
Height 3500 mm
Ground clearance 650 mm
Weight 18500 kg

Cummins B6.7 EU Stage V
Power 187 kW
Torque 1150Nm @ 1500 rpm

Fully hydrostatic
Traction 160 kN
Frame steering +/- 47 °
Turning circle

Electrically controlled, load-sensing
Single circuit
Yield: 448 l / min @ 1600 rpm
Front: 710 / 45-26.5
Back: 710 / 70-34

Crane options
Kesla 16-series 9m – 11m
Logmer 14 series 10m or 11m

Harvester head options
AFM, Kesla, Keto, Logmax, Waratah